The background: Two young Luxembourg-based rappers, Portuguese Dorian and French-Italian Louvar, met in 2010 collaborating in the „Traffic Lyrikal Prod“ project and decided to team up. They have released several tracks and videos ever since. Dorian & Louvar’s 2013 album „Rêve, raison, rialto“ has a little air of 1995, with light melodies contrasting to the serious verb of the combo, close to the street.
Hometown: Luxembourg
The truth: Dorian made his first steps at local open mic events at the age of 13 and made his first recording with the „Station Urbane“ crew. Louvar started writing his first lyrics at the age of 11 and made his first recording with the „Retour vers l’Underground“ crew. The duo has been working with the producer JaySun.
What to listen to first: “Rêve, raison, rialto”.
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