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Festival Highlights

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    The background: A rapper from Brussels close to the members of L’or Du Commun. He begins to rap with his friends at school and starts…
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    The background: J Bernardt, also known as Jinte Deprez, recently announced the creation of a new solo project. "Calm down" is a mix of muscular…
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    The background: Catching one’s attention solely with its name, this male duet of the French Scene embodies a powerful concept. Not only did they choose…
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    À tout juste 20 ans, Rilès a déjà monté son propre studio d’enregistrement en parallèle de ses études d’anglais, et de son activité d’auteur, compositeur…
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    Un premier 7’’ sorti sur Limite Records, et une fraicheur innée ont attirés l’attention de [PIAS]. Aujourd’hui, quelques années plus tard il est temps de…
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    Since emerging onto the scene in 2014, Moses Sumney has ridden a wave of word-of-mouth praise, hushed recordings, and dynamic live performances. It’s an organic,…
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    The background: Nova Twins are all about that bass: the lurching, grinding, seismically distorted, FX-mangled sound that propels the music of this young London duo:…
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    The background: 25 years old musician and native of Luxembourg, Edsun develops an alternative R’n’B style with a captivating sound, unmatched on the Luxembourg stage.…
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    Kat Frankie says she likes things “messy”: untidy, teeming, excessive, rich – and the luxuriant diversity of her music reflects that. No question, Kat Frankie…

Latest News

All About Sonic Visions 2017!

All about Sonic Visions 2017!

Sonic Visions Music Conference & Festival Sonic Visions celebrated its 10th anniversary with a successful move to the new festival site at the blast furnaces of Esch – Belval. Within the magnificent setting dominated by the impressive architecture of Luxembourg’s…

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Check Out All The VCA Winners 2017!

Check out all the VCA winners 2017!

The 5th edition of the VCA’s, the Video Clip Awards rewarded the best music videos made in Luxembourg. As an integral part of the artist’s identity, self-expression and his creative universe, video clips are a fundamental link between the artists…

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DAY 1 Kicks Off Today!

DAY 1 kicks off today!

You want to get the whole picture? We're ready to go and can't wait to welcome you all for three days of inspiring talks, networking and of course plenty of good music! And there is f course as well: Street…

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Student Discount For Sonic Visions Festival!

Student Discount for Sonic Visions Festival!

Perks of being a student? You get access to Sonic Visions Music Festival for just 25€! Sounds like music to your ears, right? Be quick and use the discount code STUDENT* to snatch your 3-day festival pass! Top acts like Rilès, Roméo…

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Afterwork & Food Village To Complete Sonic Visions

Afterwork & Food Village to complete Sonic Visions

The 10th edition of Sonic Visions Music Festival and Conference is expanding! So within the magical Belval steelworks you will be transferred into a magical place waiting to be discovered. Here, in addition to an eclectic mix of music, visitors of the…

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Sonic Visions Live Rehearsals

Sonic Visions Live Rehearsals

Sonic Visions Musical Festival is only a mere couple of weeks away and we are doing our best to ensure an amazing festival experience for you. This means the artists have to be prepared as well. To provide support for…

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Sv2016 Day1 Rocklab  Nrf5424 006
Sv2016 Day1 Rocklab  Nrf5424 006
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Sv2016 Day1 Rocklab  Nrf6199 050
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